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pumpkin writing_edited.jpg

Pumpkin writing

Using chalk pens on the skin of the pumpkin can be a wonderful way to incorporate learning with some pumpkin fun.

pumpkin hammer_edited.jpg

Fine motor pumpkin

Using golf tees to hammer into a pumpkin can be great for fine motor, gross motor, crossing the midline, hand eye coordination and hand strength. 

pumpkin elastic bands_edited.jpg

Pumpkin bands

A very quick and simple fine motor and hand eye coordination pumpkin themed activity using elastic bands to support hand strength and dexterity.

halloween spider fine motor_edited.jpg

Spider rescue

A fine motor spooky themed activity. Rescuing spiders with tweezers to support concentration, hand eye coordination, dexterity and problem solving.

frozen hands_edited.jpg

Frozen hands

Such a fun and spooky play activity. Fill some surgical gloves with water and food colouring. Add some spooky items to the glove too if you want. Then tie up and place in the freezer. Make sure you freeze it so the fingers are straight or they will break easily once frozen. Once frozen, remove the outer glove with a knife and children can have lots of fun exploring, chiseling and melting the hands. You could even introduce counting in 5s when exploring this activity.

blow a ghost_edited.jpg

Ghost blow art

This could not be a more simple and effective toddler spooky activity. Blob some white paint onto black card, provide the child with a straw and allow them to blow the paint. Add some goggly eyes to turn their masterpiece into ghosts.

egg pot plants_edited.jpg

Egg cup flowers

This craft activity is a lovely spring themed table centre piece. Upturn the plastic egg and glue the pieces together. Then add some soil and seeds. Watch over the coming weeks as the flowers bloom!

easter pancakes_edited.jpg

Pancake bunnies

A yummy start to a Spring themed breakfast!

fizzy eggs_edited.jpg

Fizzy eggs

Add a small drop of food colouring to the bottom of each plastic egg. Then fill each egg with bicarbonate of soda. Children can then use a pipette to add some drops of vinegar to each egg. Watch with amazement as the eggs fizz and the colour spills out of each one.


Number bond bunnies

By mastering number bonds early on, children build the foundations needed for subsequent learning and are better equipped to develop mental strategies and mathematical fluency.


Peg the ears onto the bunnies, can we help each of the bunnies to make 10? Also great for fine motor and understanding fact families. An activity designed to build strong number sense in a fun and visual way. 

carrot dig_edited.jpg

Carrot number dig

A tray of soil and some cut out carrots is all you need! Write some numbers on the carrots and burry them in the soil. This is a great sensory learning activity to support children in ordering numbers, looking at missing numbers, one more and less than, bridging through ten, place value and skip counting.

peg numbers_edited.jpg

Spring number boards

Creating some DIY tactile number boards can be a fun number sense Spring time activity. This can be great for perceptual subitising, number correspondence, fine motor and developing early number sense.

egg mapping_edited.jpg

Egg word mapping

Map common word parts onto one half of the egg. For example, ug, at, ed, it etc. Then on the other half of the egg add letters that will allow them to form words that include those word parts. An easy Easter themed activity designed to support the process of forming letter-sound connection allowing instant recognition and fluency in reading.

chich ch_edited.jpg

Ch for chick

Match the correct chick to the correct shell whilst practicing the ch digraph. A lovely spring phonics activity.

rhyming eggs_edited.jpg

Rhyming eggs

Can you match the CVC rhyming word eggs? Rhyming teaches children about word families such as met, pet, let and also teaches children the sound of the language. Recognising rhyming words is a basic level of phonemic awareness and helps teach children that words are made up of separate parts.


Pancake tricky words

Tricky word pancakes! Flip the pancake in a frying pan and read the word you flip over. A perfect pancake day learning opportunity.

heart whole.PNG

Part whole hearts

Create some easy part part whole love hearts. Write number bonds to ten on the hearts and as the children unfold each part of the heart they see hte two parts that make the whole. A lovely valentines number bond activity.

heart pom poms.PNG

1:1 heart correspondance

A valentines day learning activity that is really easy to set up. Cut out some heart shapes and number each one. Provide children with some pom poms and see if they can place the correct number onto each heart. An activity that supports 1 to 1 correspondence. Children need to understand what numbers mean. Equating an amount of objects to a number helps cement this understanding.


Kiss phonics

Using lipstick to learn phonics! ow fun! Write out some phase 2 'ss' digraph words. Children can apply their own lipstick, you can read a word and once they read the words and find the word you said they can mark it with a big kiss! A lovely valentines day phonics activity.

how many words.PNG

Love heart frame

Build a Valentines day themed phoneme frame to practice CVC words. Start by creating simple CVC words and see how many they can make. Then see if there are any tricky words that can be made. Using a simple phoneme frame helps children to separate each phoneme in the word.

heart letter match_edited.jpg

Heart letters

Create a simple Valentines day puzzle by cutting heart shapes in half. Write upper case letters on one half and lower case letters on the other half and ask children to match the pieces to create hearts. 

cin smartie bears_edited.jpg

CIN counting bears

Pudsey smartie counting for Children In Need day. Can children match the correct number of smartie spots to Pudsey's patch? A lovely simple 1 to 1 correspondence activity.

book day escape room.PNG

Escape room

World book day escape room! Hide a book inside each envelope and add emojis to the front envelope. Children will need to guess the title of each book from the images.

fruit fireworks_edited.jpg

Fruit fireworks

A fun and healthy fireworks snacktivity. Add some fruit pieces to a kebab stick and add a firey paper tail to create firework fruit rockets.

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