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About us

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Mum's School of Fun is founded and run by Adele, a mum to four young children, a highly-qualified teacher, a school leader, an education consultant and currently working as a SENCO in the UK.

Adele has worked in the education sector as an Assistant Principal for a trust of schools for around 12 years. During this time, she specialised in coaching and mentoring teachers to improve their pedagogical practice, and developed a range of Teaching and Learning CPD programmes to support staff. In addition to this, alongside her work in schools, she qualified as an Outstanding Teacher Facilitator with OLEVI and also gained a qualification in coaching. Adele not only enjoyed working with and supporting teachers but loved working with the students, too. She held responsibility for the safeguarding and well-being of all pupils, which was a challenging but rewarding part of her role as Assistant Principal. Adele even won a Kent Teacher of the Year award and continues to find it a huge privilege to work with so many wonderful young people. Adele is now working as a SENCO, supporting young children with special educational needs and in her spare time, Adele is a governor at her local primary school and trustee of a preschool, both very rewarding roles. 


During the pandemic, Adele established the Mum's School of Fun platform, with the wish to offer support  to parents, carers and teachers during school closures by providing fun, quick and simple learning activities for children.

Adele is now across most social media platforms, sharing activities for children aged 0-8. She is passionate about active learning and is an advocate for ''thinking hard'' strategies and child-led learning activities that develop and encourage a child's progress, enjoyment, attainment and engagement. Adele really enjoys sharing activities that help parents, carers and teachers with creative, active learning ideas.

Adele is also passionate about supporting young people with educational needs and offers bespoke support to families navigating the SEND systems and EHCP processes in the UK.

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Working with Adele

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SEND support


As a private SEND consultant, I provide independent and impartial advice, guidance and support to families and children with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).


I help families navigate  through the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) process.


I offer services in:


- Mediation and appeals paperwork

- Support in planning for meetings

- Parental request for an EHCP

- Checking of EHCPs

I know that every child and every situation has individual needs, and therefore I am happy to discuss further with anyone interested in booking support.

School Support


There are three areas of school support I am able to offer parents and carers in the UK.


1. Support with appeals for schools. I can help with writing appeals, advice on what to include and talk you through the processes involved.


2. Change can be a daunting prospect for young children, so finding ways to make a smooth transition is vitally important. If you have a child due to start school and would like to have a virtual support meeting, then please get in contact with me. I am able to offer a range of support and advice around preparing your child for starting school and what school readiness means to you and your child.


3. I offer transition support meetings, advice and guidance for parents, carers and young people transitioning between primary and secondary school.  

Brand collaborations


If you are a brand or small business, please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.  

Previous ways I have worked with brands and businesses include affiliate marketing, guest blogs, guest reviews and sponsored or gifted stories and posts. 

I like to ensure my social media platform is authentic, so the majority of what I post is not advertisement. This ensures I am providing a positive and genuine service that my followers really enjoy. Therefore, I only accept a limited number of collaborations per year to maintain this integrity, authenticity and high-quality content.

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Adele offers services and support in a range of areas, please complete the contact form at the bottom of the page for further information
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